Beta now open for Vision Media’s new free secure screening offering

April 17, 2023
Say hello to free secure screening for your film & tv content

An important next step in Vision Media’s digital-first initiatives

Vision Media is known for its secure streaming solutions that allow users to share videos with their team or audience. Over the past few decades, the company has evolved to a digital-first company, offering secure digital streaming for major studios and promotion services approved by all major entertainment guilds and groups. Its cutting-edge digital solutions (including Screener Passport, self-serve streaming services with VMxStream, and FYC and guild sites with VMxAwards) allow studios and content owners to offer high-end viewing experiences across all major viewing platforms with first-class screening security features including DRM, session-based watermarking, and protected viewing windows.

Today, Vision Media opens beta for its new free secure screening Starter Plan. Recognizing that finding a quality screener solution can often be cost-prohibitive for independents, smaller organizations, and more, Vision Media wanted to offer a solution to help creatives of all sizes share their movies, TV shows, and media. 

A new chapter in increasing streaming access for media and entertainment

With 36+ years of experience building solutions for the entertainment industry to share their content, Vision Media is proud to extend its VMxStream offering with a free plan. Now those that are interested in sharing their video content with studio-grade tools, can benefit from Vision Media’s streaming expertise, with a plan that allows them to grow. As part of the company’s digital-first commitment, Vision Media is opening up this free offering to ensure that content owners, producers and creators of all sizes can share securely, collaborate internally, and enjoy the powerful tools that the largest media and entertainment leaders also use.

“Vision Media is excited to offer free secure screening and increase access for more independent studios, SMBs, and content owners to share their films, TV episodes, and creative stories.” said Vision Media CEO, Tim Shanahan. “It is important to us to not only continue to serve established studios and guilds with our best-in-class screener solutions, but to provide a path for all creators to amplify their voice and share their content with tools they can trust.” 

How can I start sharing screeners for free?

Vision Media’s free Starter Plan allows users to brand screening rooms to match their look and feel, add and import metadata directly from IMDb, secure their videos with unique, visible watermarking, and share with their viewers.

Beta is now open and individuals can request exclusive access to this new free secure screener offering at